Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yesterday we woke in Daytona to 30 degrees, not what Elaine had in mind when we headed in this direction. We took a walk on the beach nonetheless, had the place pretty much to ourselves as one might expect in those circumstances. Carmella had been in the room with us (we had two beds) and so was in good spirits when we headed south again, determined, as was Elaine to hold our course till satisfactory conditions were found.

To a degree (but not that degree) they have certainly been found now. Last night on day ten we checked in to the Westin Diplomat here in Hollywood. My former sister in law Judy has worked here since it was built and secured for us a room on the 27th floor overlooking pretty much everthing. We have a corner room with a wrap around deck right on the beach with the ocean on one side and the inland waterway on the other. A plate of huge chocolate covered strawberries, each berry dressed in black and white chocolate to resemble a man in a tux, and a bottle of Champaigne had been delivered to our room last night while we were enjoying dinner at Judy and Alain's with our nephew Aaron.

It's nearly reached 60 late yesterday but this morning is back to 40 something. We do expect it to get warmer tomorrow and so Elaine has consented to stay here a few more days, provided there is no interruption in the chocolate covered strawberries or champaigne.

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