Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hollywood Beach

We are truly, and gratefully, in the lap of luxury. Thank you Judy! Today was warm, the sun shone, the water was that indescribable southern ocean color. I (Elaine) treated myself to a manicure in the hotel's spa today, and am now sporting "Dancing in the Isles" bright pink nails. They would look really silly in Vinalhaven in January, but are just right in this gorgeous climate. My poor manicurist had to take my ailing cracked winter nails right down to zero before she could work on them, so Phil will have to wait a day or two to have his back scratched.

I waved toward the north today, looking up the intracoastal waterway, thinking of all of our friends there--and then waved to Phil across the street, as you can just barely see in the second photo.


  1. I can't help but notice that reports were faithfully forthcoming until you reached warmer climes...every time I come to check for a new post, I am taunted by these ever-so-appealing photos. Hurumph.

  2. It seems I've had two prior posts vanish into cyberhell, so here's trying again. P&E were fab guests en route south, but also brought us -11 weather, which they obviously dragged all the way through Daytona. Orange growers will be suing shortly. Your treatment of Indian motel owners is reminiscent of The Simpsons, and a second lawsuit is doubtless pending. But protected by Dancing in the Isles war paint, I'm sure you'll prevail!

  3. What happened you could not get a room with an Ocean View?
    You are missing fine weather in Camden, it is sunny with a high of 18 degrees today, dropping to -8 tongiht.
    Sounds like you could have rented a room by the hour for viewing purposes only......!

  4. P&E, you appear to be off your game. With no reports, some of us are beginning to worry. Did the bright pink nails and chocolate strawberries lead to evenings of wild debauchery? Or has Carmella taken over like Hal in 2001: A Space Odyssey?

    Seriously hoping to hear from one or both of you soon! It's getting boring up here in the north.