Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We only have 87 bags of trail mix (provided to us by Carol & Skip) left and so are consuming prudently.

We experienced two real extremes on this memorable day, each in Georgia, extremes of disinterest in one instance but extremes of acceptance and good humor too. The latter was in splendid evidence at the The Breakfast Club in Tybee Island, a kind of red neck establishment which had created an entire menu around the President Elect and his family, all very respectful, very good and very funny; my Obamalette (black beans and sour cream) and Elaine's Mock Hawaiian were both delicious. The place was full of locals, many of whom, though appearing unlikely supporteres, had Obama T shirts and hats, and also visitors and was as smoothly run, as welcoming and as attentive as any eating establishment I've even seen (even the Gawker).

Later though, we entered a kind of Netherland in Southern Georgia. I promised 'She Who Must be Obeyed' that we would find a place to watch the inauguration live and dutifully pulled off at 11:30am when I saw a sign for a Day's Inn and a couple of other motels where, I felt sure, we could just stop in and watch the inauguration in the lobby or breakfast room. Anywhere but here it seems. The Day's Inn could only be accessed through a ticket taker's cubicle (all three of its doors were locked) in which sat a very suspicioius Indian woman who directed me to a side door she then buzzed open. Inside was a big comfortable lobby with a large screen TV turned off. I asked if I might come in and watch the inauguration. "No, I'm sorry. The TV is not on." I could see that of course but it did have a big On/Off button. Nonetheless I resisted making a scene and went across the street to a slightly more upscale motel, not a chain. I got out of the car and, as I approached, saw an Indian man watching mee cautiously from within. When I got to the door he unlocked it and let me in to an even larger and more comfortable lobby with several nice chairs and a large screen TV. The TV was on; the inauguration was being broadcast and there was no one there but him. But no, I was told, "You must rent a room here if you want to watch the inauguration." I explained that this was an historic moment and my wife and I only wanted to watch the Oath of Office and speech. No, not possible. I left in the wrong frame of mind for this special day and although I did get to watch him take the oath in a Comfort Inn where the resident Indian couple was a little more accommodating (although they did keep the rap radio behindthe counter turned up), it wasn't till we had listened to much of Obama's speech on the car radio that I able to get myself in the frame of mind the President wished we could all find ourselves. Now tucked in on the beach in Daytona and having watched him and the very appealing first family settle in Washington I am again nearly of one mind with him and am full of optimism about our country's future.

The dark days are behind us, sort of.

The temperature back in Virginia reached 59 and has dropped little by little ever since. Here in Daytona its 53. Tomorrow we'll be in Hollywood visiting sister in law Judy and anticipate warmer temperatures although 53 feels pretty good to me.

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