Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ever since exiting a particularly posh restaurant in (I didn't eat there, just walked around dodging repeated inquiries from the staff, each regarding whether I'd like to be seated) I've been trying to find the courage to make an entry here regarding the price of lobster, Maine Lobster to be precise. The Azia Japanese restaurant advertised a 1 3/4# Maine Lobster dinner for $65. Admittedly the dinner included a lovely corn salad. Still, if I could convince the Azia to give me $50 apiece (they'd still have a 30% mark up) I could pay for a comfortable four day drive down to Miami, meals, lodging, gas and so forth with only 20 lobsters (boat price).

Advertising is much more 'in your face' down here. Billboards much larger and way higher than anything we have anywhere in Maine, lean into view, one on top of the other, for miles and miles and announce goods, services, entertainment and salvation, the latter two pretty much hand in hand as in a 'Gentleman's Club' next to a church encouraging remorse or another whose marquis asks passersby where they might find solace followed by a Hooters sign suggesting we might find it within. Beyond these we are offered new dentures for $250, legal representation, particularly for personal injury, at every juncture, bail bond services in such profusion it seems impossible everyone is not a criminal, vasectomies, various enhancements, waxings of one thing or another, check cashing services, on and on. The level of development along the shore is astonishing and sad. We escaped from the shore this afternoon and found a great little campground in Fairhope Alabama. We are in the midst of a herd of goats and a donkee, each of whom looks more at home than any of those skyscraping hotels and condos teetering elbow to elbow in the sand.

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