Monday, January 26, 2009

A kind of symbiosis is evolving in our relationship with one another. We have all this food with us, Carol's bottomless bag of trail mix, dried fruit we picked up at Good Tern before we left, other stuff we get along the way and citrus we've just begun accumulating and are trying to consume while it's still fresh. Customarily I prop a bag or container of one thing or another in my lap as I drive and graze continually while Elaine hovers in the passenger seat alert for moments when she might snag a scrap of something without getting hurt. The symbiosis exists in that, while the risks posed by her surreptitious feeding are undeniable, I do get some benefit in return. My driving arm is massaged now and then for example and sometimes she, finding an opportune moment and finding it when my mouth is open but when I am not saying something important, will deposit a goodie, a slice of orange, a dried fig, in the the void, withdrawing her fingers quickly to avoid injury. Sometimes she does this even when I AM saying something important, being instructive, for example and that makes it difficult to continue elucidating, but not impossible.

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