Saturday, January 17, 2009

On this, the sixth day, we're paying our own way for the first time, no one to mooch from, a sober development in what has been, till tonight, a rolling free lunch.
Another wrinkle has emerged in the person of Carmilla, a very seductive English lady who speaks to us from our new GPS (a gift from Sarah & Chad). When we first activated it, approaching NYC, the instrument took the voice of a very clinical, kind of no nonsense, American woman, not at all companionable. I looked for other options and wound up turning on Carmilla, an unfortunate choice of words admittedly and one not lost on Elaine. More to the point, however, it wasn't lost on Carmilla who has taken an undisguised interest in me and appears intent on reciprocating. The consequence, I'm afraid, has been a chilly co-existence here in the cockpit as Carmilla has taken to giving her travelling instructions to me personally, often calling me by name, not speaking to Elaine at all and, for that matter, hardly letting her get a word in edgewise. Elaine,in turn, has taken an uncharacteristically aggressive attitude toward Carmilla, threatening to pull her plug and, tonight, making her sleep in the car.

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