Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I was charged, when we left home, with making regular entries to this instrument but have only now, three days later and two bags into Carol Thompson's gift cache of a hundred bags of trail mix, figured out how to log on, sign in and boot up without assistance. The first effort followed my pre-dawn walk around the city, having spent a luxurious night at our favorite Portland lodging, the Inn at St. John. I sat down at the computer in the lobby to see if I could access my e mail. I could not. Elaine was still alseep so could offer no help. I tried to get on my blog and pecked out the first few letters: 'pande'. The screen expolded suddenly in scarlet and a sultry voice, Wendy it was revealed, invited me to call her as big pink letters in an interesting font moved across the screen spelling out 'pandeRING PARTNERS OF PORTLAND'. I confess I'd not have been as eager to exit but gathering numbers of the hotel staff and guests were responding to Wendy's broadcast invitation and my desperate banging on the ESC key only resulted in layered photos of the 'PORTLAND PARTNERS' in one stage or another of undress and enticement multiplying on the screen. Kind of frantic, I stood up and stumbled off stage mumbling' "It's my blog", to the disapproving gathering. That unpleasantness aside, we had a great time. We visited with Katie and outfitted her for her internship, visited with neiceAngie and Jason and their 2 and 1/9 children and had an incomparable pizza at Flatbreads down on the waterfront and struck out on Tuesday morning for Vermont.

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