Monday, February 23, 2009

Yesterday we drove through the beautiful rolling fields and high mountain passes of Kentucky. We took a break from driving to visit Mammoth National Park, where we arrived just in time to join a group leaving to tour an area in the cave called Frozen Niagara. I didn't have time to return to the car for my camera, so you'll have to

wait for Phil's descriptions of rock formations and interesting underground creatures.
Soon after we entered Kentucky, a mysterious white substance appeared on the ground--a dim memory is trying to surface in my mind, but there seems to be some kind of block there. Later in the day, white things appeared in the air as well--still, my mind refuses to recognize them.


  1. Recommend dallying. Two feet of mysterious white matter in Maine, 9 degrees in Skillman this morning.

  2. 'Twas 18 ° on the island this morning, with only maybe a foot of the white stuff- but the white stuff is a compacted sedimentary deposit involving layers of ice and snow, which shows no interest in melting any time soon.

    I, too, recommend dallying, esp. with such great people as Annie and Jeff!'