Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gin Rummy Score: Phil 1400, Elaine 1190

Bags of Trail Mix left: 16

We're moving much more slowly now, what with Elaine leading the way on horseback and Carmilla and me following behind in Arvie. Yesterday she led us to a nice campground east of Oklahoma City every now and then pulling in on the reins so I could come alongside and she could issue instructions. Things like "Follow me thisaway" and "up through the draw yonder" or "down through the gulch apiece; mind the snakes pardner (She calls me pardner now)" She can roll a smoke now with one hand as if she's been doing it all her life.

We're on our way to Bella Vista Arkansas to pay a short visit to Tom and Mary Monie. Tom is the last of Dad's WWII Army buddies, easily his closest comrade in arms. It seemed increasingly important to me as we've moved on that we go out of our way a little to make this stop. Certainly my dad would have been happy with it and I know Tom is particularly appreciative of keeping our two families in touch with one another.

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