Monday, February 9, 2009

Yes, that's me with the wind blown hair--does the wind ever stop in Texas?--and my new University of Texas longhorn t-shirt and the all-important boots. That's the LLano River in the background.

The second photo is of Arvie, tucked into his thus far favorite campsite at a state park in Texas called King Possum Lake. It rained like mad in the night, and the wind rocked Arvie every which way--not much sleeping got done, but we woke this morning to a gorgeous blue sky and a bit less wind.


  1. It used to be all about the sky. Now it's about the boots. Oh, the perils of narrowing horizons.....

  2. If you two are still in AK, say hi to the state for me. Hot Springs is where I used to take my parents to get micro-acupuncture for their macular degeneration. (It worked too!) It's a nice little city-town, filled with defunct and, at that time one working, spas, and delicious pure drinking water. You could go there, cowboy boots and all, drink the waters, call everyone "honey," and cure what ails you. Keep up the tales! They make my morning!

  3. Pete says the postal code for Arkansas is AR, and AK is Alaska. What the heck! Same difference. Love to you wherever you are!